About me

My name is Cecilie Størkson and I live in Bergen, Norway. I work with contemporary art in different ways. Right now I am the managing director of a gallery in Bergen called Tag Team Studio. I also write about and communicate art in other settings.

If you want to contact me, you can send me a mail: cecilie.storkson(a)gmail.com.



The short version of my CV is that I started out studying fine arts and photography at The Bergen Academy of Art and Design. After completing my BA there, I moved on to studying art history at the University of Bergen. There I  wrote my master thesis on artistic research. Both during and after my years as a student, I've been involved in Bergen Zines, an organization working with artistic printed matter (such as artists' books). I've also been giving guided tours in contemporary art exhibitions ever since my student days, both at Bergen Kunsthall and at KODE (the art museums in Bergen). In 2015 I started working at Tag Team Studio, a small independent art gallery in Bergen, where I am now the managing director. In addition to the work I do at Tag Team, I sometimes take on writing assignments. From time to time I also hold presentations or lectures. The subjects I write or talk about varies, but are more or less restricted to the contemporary art scene. My main emphasis has so far been on artists working with books or other printed matter. Lately I've also been dipping my toes into curating. Thinking about the future though, what I get most excited about is the thought of exploring the art experience. How do we experience art? And in which ways can the experience of art be communicated and shared?


Most of the time I write in Norwegian, but some of my texts has been translated to English. I'm working on making them accessible online. 

English readers can also visit the two blogs I've been contributing to lately. One is about the project China meets Norway in a bookshelf. In august 2017 Norwegian and Chinese art professionals worked together to make an art book fair in Beijing, and I wrote about it as it took place. You'll find it here! The other is about the fifth edition of Bergen Art Book Fair, an event that took place in October 2017. Read it here